Mario Plush Toys

If you collect Mario toys or know a special child who loves Mario, you’ll enjoy browsing our collection of Mario plush toys. We are proud to offer genuine designs for affordable prices. In case you don’t already know, Mario is the main character in an array of popular video games, including Mario World Universe, Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart.

Since we offer the most competitive prices, as well as a limited-time only “one dollar shipping” special, you’ll find that ordering from us is the best way to get these plush toys for a great price. As well, you should know that we back up what we sell by providing exceptional customer service to our valued clientele.

When you place your trust in us today, we’ll ensure that you get exactly what you have ordered. Your plush toy (or toys) will arrive in pristine condition.

Why is Mario So Popular?

Since this fictional character is the star of so many addictive video games, his appeal is worldwide. He’s the creation of Shigeru Miyamoto, who is a video game designer for the Japanese video game company, Nintendo.

Mario has appeared in hundreds of video games since he was created and he’s a veritable legend in the video game world! He’s a compact and stocky plumber of Italian extraction and he lives in a whimsical place known as the Mushroom Kingdom. In most of his adventures, he is focused on rescuing a royal named Princess Peach from a rogue called Bowser Dragon.

Mario has a younger brother whose name is Luigi. Mario wears a red hat emblazoned with the letter, “M”, as well as a red sweater and royal blue overalls. His brother, Luigi, always wears green!

No video game franchise has ever outsold the Mario video game franchise. It’s the best-selling ever and Mario is also featured in TV shows, movies, comic books and licensed toys, such as our charming Mario plush toys!

Why Choose Our Company?

A lot of online toy stores sell Mario toys. However, few offer the same wide selection that we do. We’ve sourced out the best Mario Plush toys and we’ve created a curated collection which will make it so easy for you to find exactly what you need. Our buyers are Mario fans and toy experts and they’ve used their knowledge and skill to bring you an exciting array of stuffed toys which are perfect for kids and/or collectors!

Ordering via our company will be so easy. The registration process is quick and simple. As well, we’ve created an online shopping interface which is quick and simple. Just click on your preferred toy in order to add to it your Shopping Cart. Once you’ve finished shopping, go into your Shopping Cart and finalize your order. After we process payment, we’ll prepare your toys for shipment and then send them out to you.

Why Not Start Shopping Today?

Whether you’re adding to your own collection of Mario paraphernalia or choosing a gift for a special boy or girl, you’ll find that our website is a great place to shop. If you have questions about our company, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our online service representatives are standing by in order to help. If you don’t have questions, just select the toys that you like best and then place an order.

Our online toy store is reputable and respected. We have many loyal customers and we’d love to welcome you aboard. If you want genuine Mario plush toys, rather than cheap imitations, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We have what you need and our wide selection is designed to give you lots of interesting options. As well, since our shipping is just so affordable, you’ll find that doing business with us is very budget-friendly.

Our goal is to give you a perfect customer service experience. We’re so glad that you dropped by today and we hope that you find the ideal Mario plush toy at our website. We love Mario, too, and we’re proud to showcase this legendary video game character via our plush toy collection. Mario and his friends are a part of popular culture and our plush toys are cute, cuddly and well-made. They are definitely wonderful choices for Mario fans!

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