Super Mario Plush Toy 7″ Bowser Jr


Our BEST SELLING item in the entire store is the Bowser Jr Plush Toy.

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Bowser Jr, the son of the infamous Bowser aka Koopa, from Super Mario World is here!

Features include:

There’s nothing better than giving your children the ability to enjoy the same video characters that you once did. Even if you’re in the market for a gift for a friend or a family member, this Bowser Plush is sure to impress. Created out of the highest quality materials, you won’t have to worry about fading or deterioration of the fabric over the years. With the resilience of its construction, it’s the perfect gift for kids as they can bring it anywhere they go without having to worry about damaging the Bowser plush.

The entire plush is built with children in mind so parents won’t have to worry about added small accessories that could be choking hazards such as beaded eyes. The fabric is also incredibly soft, perfect for children who have sensitive skin.

This Bowser plush is a phenomenal gift for a fan of the Mario franchise and it has interesting details that help to bring the whole design together. As a 7” plush it is perfect for placing it on your desk at work or putting it in your child’s playroom. With a variety of different Mario characters available for you to choose from, collect them all to show your true love for Mario.

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Add Bowser Junior to your mario plushies collection.


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