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Pokemon has taken the world by storm for more than 20 years. Since their original release in 1996, Pokemon has held a strong following over decades as new generations flock to these ‘pocket monsters,’ their colorful looks, and their unique powers. There are countless products out there for the Pokemon brand including video games, books, and even a card game. However, one of the most easily accessible and fun products offered are the Pokemon stuffed animals.

Baby Toys US is proud to announce the release of our full range of Pokemon stuffed animals. Products for sale include Dragonite, Eevee, Pikachu with Charizard hat, Charmander, two different kinds of Mega Evolution Charizard, Pink Rare Mew Pokemon, Charizard, Toy Choroneko Purrloin, and of course Pikachu. Each of these Pokemon stuffed animals comes with information on the size. Carefully made and safe for children, the stuffed animals are designed for maximum fun and enjoyment. Costs range depending on size with the Pink Raw Mew Pokemon being the least expensive at $3.99 and the Charmander being the most expensive at $24.95.

A Brand That Grows With You

Why consider Pokemon stuffed animals? A fun way to add color to any room, Pokemon are energetic, exciting, and great in plush form. A lot of the drive in the show is to collect as many Pokemon as possible. By collecting Pokemon stuffed animals, you can acquire your very own, adding more and more as they become available. It can be a fantastic hobby for kids and adults, making the perfect addition to kid’s play room or office decoration. The true power of Pokemon is that they are accessible for all ages. Whether you are 5 or 50, you will enjoy having your very own collection.

With so many Pokemon, it is easy to quickly develop a favorite. And, whether that is Charmander, Pikachu, Mew, or others, Pokemon stuffed animals can make excellent gifts. They show that you are aware of their interests and what they like. Due to Pokemon’s popularity, Pokemon stuffed animals will not fall out of fashion any time soon. There are many people who have held onto their Pokemon stuffed animals long after they have grown bored or tired with other toys. With numerous tie ins to games, movies, shows, and more, the characters never get old as new media keeps them interesting and exciting. As 20 year celebrations of the brand begin this year, the excitement and interest in Pokemon has only increased.

When going with Baby Toys US, you know that you will get quality. Having built our reputation as a company on the principles of providing superior toys, we vet every product we sell, ensuring that it lives up to the standards we hold. In doing so, we can offer you a range of products that you can trust, ensuring that you are happy both now and in the future with your purchase. More than that however, you can be sure that what you are buying as a gift for someone else is well made, well constructed, and comes as advertised. That is why we provide a high resolution shot of everything we sell along with details on each product.

The Pokemon stuffed animals represents the next great addition to our line. While we may have our own personal favorite (Hello Pikachu with Charizard hat) we ensure that every product will meet your expectations. That way, whether you want a Purrloin or a Dragonite, we will have you covered with a stuffed animals that will not disappoint.

A Superior Purchasing Experience

In addition to providing superior products, Baby Toys US also has a simple and straightforward purchasing system that is intuitive and safe. We offer a range of payment options and very nice prices. In addition, we offer you a $1 shipping special right now to save you even more money on these amazing Pokemon stuffed animals.

Take The Next Step

So what are you waiting for? With so many great Pokemon stuffed animals to choose from, consider picking one up today. Great as gifts to family and friends of all ages, sending Pokemon stuffed animals is the best way for you to share the love around. Held on to and prized for decades, the Pokemon stuffed animals manage to do what many toys fail to, which is to last and provide meaning throughout life. Reflecting the values of the show and motivating people to get up and get out there, consider one of our many Pokemon stuffed animals today. You will be glad you did.

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