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Best Toys for Girls 10 and Up in 2019

Once your princess turns into a ten-year-old then you know she’ll want only the best toys for girls 10 and up that are her age. Here’s our amazing list of the perfect gift and toys for 2019.

These toys range from tea sets, crafting kit, do it yourself friendship bracelet, horses and even a fashion studio! Here’s our list:

Paint a Ceramic TeaSet

ceramic tea set for 10 year old girls

This ceramic teaset from ALEX toys allows kids to practice their creativity and design their own china pattern, color it.  They can bake it in the oven to make the paint permanent.  Then ofcourse there’s the inviting friends over for a tea party (sorry Dads you’re no longer invited)

This set allows children to

  • Design their own cool tea set that she’ll love
  • 4 Tea cups and saucers, 1 teapot with lid, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer, 8 containers of paint and 1 pain brush
  • This is perfect for ages 8, 9,10 year olds 

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Ultimate Crafting Kit by American Girl Crafts

crafting set for girls

This ultimate crafting set by American Girl has over 1000+ pieces! Allow the special designer in your house to use this crafting kit for her and her doll. It includes tons of items such as mini bottles, spools, twine, round beads, donut beads, pearls, buttons, earring hooks, jumping rings, and a design guide to show your daughter how to make her doll look fashionable.

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DIY Friends Forever Bracelet Kit

diy friends forever bracelet kit

Who doesn’t remember their friendship when they’re young. Friendship bracelets are the perfect way for your daughter to keep and make friends. What better way then a do it yourself friendship bracelet.

This amazing kit includes:

  • Ability to make 22 friendship bracelets
  • Includes weave hearts, stripes, diamonds and flowers
  • Great for friends get together, parties, sleepovers
  • 4 Color-coded looms, 22 colors of embroidery floss, beading needle
  • Instruction book and a carrying case

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Arabian Horse Craft Activity Set

Arabian horse craft activity set

Every little girl wants to have a real horse. Unfortunately, there are not enough horses to give as presents to all the kids and girls out there. In that case, you can give them Arabian My Dream Horse craft activity set and really show off their creativity.

Your daughter will be love one of the 6 colors to paint it as she wants. The set also includes

  • 1 horse 8″ L x 7.25″ H
  • 6 colors, 3 paintbrushes, a bottle of glue, 2 colors of mohair
  • Great for painters and kids that want horses

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Fashion Studio – Dream It, Draw It, Design It

fashion studio for kids

You can’t have a great list of toys for girls without having a fashion design kit. This fashion design kit by Creativity for Kids is just right.

It has over 50+ pieces which are perfect for the budding fashion designer. It includes a lace-covered dress mannequin, sketchbook, fabric samples, swatch booklet, trims, ribbons, tools, embellishments, and other materials.

Kids can learn by sketching out their design using the markers and sketchbook. Then they can test out their ideas by draping, basting, and pinning the fabric, ribbon, and embellishments onto the mannikin.

And step by step instructions are included for hours of fun.

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