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Catch Rare Pokemon With These Apps & Websites for Pokemon Go

There are several methods to finding rare Pokemon for your Pokemon Go.

  1. Use Your Lure and Incense
    If you’ve already used the incense at places you know, then try visiting random places and see what you can find. Same applies to your Lure try places you haven’t been and places that you think will have rare pokemon.
  2. Collect 10,000 Eggs
    Each lucky egg that you collect well tell you how many kilometers you must walk (up to 10 Kilometers) before your egg will hatch.
  3. Ask your friends
    Another good idea is to ask your friend for any rare pokemon that they have captured and if so where.  Tip: If you do find a location for a rare pokemon then have your lure and incense ready to use.
  4. Use An Online Pokemon Go map 
    There are online websites such as which finds pokemon that are close to you. If you live in Boston then a google map was created called Gotta Catch Em All which shows locations where rare and ultra-rare Pokemon have been found by other players. You can also try Pokemapper but it’s very plain.

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Good Luck and Always Be Careful.

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