Pokemon Go Taking The World By Storm — While Crashing Servers and Causing Injuries

Pokemon Go has been an unprecedented success for Nintendo.  They’ve been slow to adopt the smart phone market. All of that changed with the release of Pokemon Go in U.S. which within days went on to gain millions of players.

It was great because it also boosted Nindendo’s market value by an additional $7 Billion in just a few days since the launch.

All of that comes with a price though.

The biggest issue has been that some players have been getting hurt, injured trying to locate new pokemon.  Watching your smartphone screen and trying to catch a pokemon could lead players to ignore traffic, pedestrian, buildings, etc.

The next issue is that this the Pokemon Go app isn’t released everywhere.  So some players tried to get there hands on it without knowing that they were downloading it from a hacked website.  This app would install malicious code and allow them access to almost all features within the phone.  If you download from the marketplace then it’s fine but if you go to a less trusted website then be careful.

The last issue has been the biggest issue that faces any app or website when it launches into the stratosphere: Traffic & Server issues.  A lot players acknowledge seeing the spinning wheel of death or windows hourglass.  With so many players joining, it just became very difficult for the servers to handle it all.

Hopefully Nintendo will take some of that billions and help resolve these issues so that their players can keep catching those pokemon.

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