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Catch Rare Pokemon With These Apps & Websites for Pokemon Go

There are several methods to finding rare Pokemon for your Pokemon Go. Use Your Lure and Incense If you’ve already used the incense at places you know, then try visiting random places and see what you can find. Same applies to your Lure try places you haven’t been and places that you think will have…


Pokemon Go Taking The World By Storm — While Crashing Servers and Causing Injuries

Pokemon Go has been an unprecedented success for Nintendo.  They’ve been slow to adopt the smart phone market. All of that changed with the release of Pokemon Go in U.S. which within days went on to gain millions of players. It was great because it also boosted Nindendo’s market value by an additional $7 Billion…


Catch Pokemon in the Real World with Nintendo ‘Pokemon Go’ Wearable

Nintendo announces that it is releasing ‘Pokemon Go’ in July 2016. This app allow you to catch pocket monsters in the real world using your smartphone.  To make things even better they’re going to include a wearable companion that lets you play without even looking at your phone. Pokemon Go wearable is priced nicely at $34.99….