Crawling Baby Foam Play Mat Story Side / Alphabet Side


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A colorful crawling baby needs a colorful safe foam play mat.

Features include:

  • EVA Foam material
  • Thickness of the mat: 0.1 inches
  • Dimensions: 70 inches Height by 59 inches width (5.8 ft x 4.9 ft)
  • Cover has a scenic picture on one side
  • Bottom has a colorful alphabet with pictures
  • Includes a retail carry bag
  • Flexible, water proof and easy to clean allows you to use it as an outdoor play mat too!

Play mats are an essential part of any room that you see your children playing in as it protects them from hard flooring and provides a comfortable space for them to play. This phenomenal colorful play mat is perfect for children of all ages, particularly if you have babies that are learning how to crawl. The entire mat offers a beautiful appeal that will surely impress your children and it can easily fit into any décor scheme.

The play mat offers a reversible design where one side has a vibrant scenic image and the other has a colorful alphabet with pictures.

The EVA foam material is color safe and free of harsh chemicals to ensure that your children stay safe while playing on the floor. It also offers .1 inches worth of thickness, which is great for playing on hard flooring without providing too much cushion to where it’s difficult for them to crawl.

Its convenient size of 70”x 59” makes it adaptable to relatively any room without interfering with your floor space, meanwhile giving your kids enough room to play. You’ll also benefit from its 100% waterproof design, helping to make it easy to clean and easy to use outdoors as well.



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