Best Toys for 10 Year Old Boys in 2019

At age ten your son is no longer a kid so here’s a list of the best toys for 10 year old boys in 2019, just in time for the holiday season. He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. So make sure you’re keeping track of everything before you get that present for him.

Let’s get to it. There are a lot of great toys this year. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Air Hogs Drone Power Racers

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? A drone that detaches when you’re racing your car. If you can’t jump over an obstacle then fly over it with your car’s drone. The best part is that the drone has a cage surrounding it which allows it to always land upright even if you crash. It’s the perfect toy for racers age 8+.

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Original BB-8

If your son is interested in star wars then this is the perfect gift for him! This BB-8 is waterproof with a Bluetooth connection range of 30m. You can easily charge it and you’ll get 60 minutes of battery.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow Trigger

You can’t have a list of the best toys without having a Nerf gun. In this case, it’s the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow which includes a pullback crossbow with 4 soft darts. You might like it too much so get two – one for your left hand and one for your right! Let the fun begin!

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Smart Circuits Electronics Lab

This games and gadgets electronics lab is perfect for the little scientist. It allows them to build electronic games and gadgets while they learn about electronic engineering. It also includes a 48-page book that shows them how to build games and gadgets such as DJ light show, full-tilt baseball, color trap, magic message wand, electronic rooster and more. Now you’ll just have to convince them whether this is a teaching aid or a toy!

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