Catch Pokemon in the Real World with Nintendo ‘Pokemon Go’ Wearable

Nintendo announces that it is releasing ‘Pokemon Go’ in July 2016. This app allow you to catch pocket monsters in the real world using your smartphone.  To make things even better they’re going to include a wearable companion that lets you play without even looking at your phone. Pokemon Go wearable is priced nicely at $34.99.

For die hard pokemon players it might be worth it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Blue means there’s a pokemon near you. This allows the pokemon trainer — err player to press the button to try and catch it.
  • Rainbow light pattern means that you’ve successfully caught the pokemon
  • Red blinking light means you’ve failed. (keep trying)

In the meantime you can still capture a stuffed pokemon in our online store with just $1 shipping anywhere in the world.

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